Actor in a Box

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There is a new Machinima Director  Real time Animation and Camera tool coming soon.
As a result of a 2 years research on Machnima tools i decided to script this tool .

This is not a toy it is a serious directors tool.


    * You could define Camera positions for as many cameras as you like.
    * Tween smoothly between camera positions or set cameras to that positions.
    * You could move your actors from  & to different locations without copying and pasting weird position numbers.
    * Arrange  your actor groups to a circle or half circle.
    * Animate, move or rotate your actors perfectly synchronized with one command
    * Animate, move or rotate y a whole actor group.
    * Group and ungroup actors during the scene plays
    * Set facial emotions for your actors.
    * Use any animation you own . (Yes also the No transfer ones!)
    * Seat your actors and let them get up again  without that funny "stand on seat" bug.
    * NO ( Definitely NO!!!) scripting knowledge needed.
    * Replay a whole scene exactly with one click again and again .
    * Set up the whole scene without any Avatar around.You call your actors to the set when your are ready and just click "go".
    * You could work with Bots instead of impatient actors. Ready for Thoys Bot (officially supported)
    * Make your cameraman film exactly what YOU want.
    * Synchronize the the Camera  positions to what is happening on the  set.
    * Show and hide  stage props synchronized to the scene you play.
    * Have a teleprompter for your actors text . Text is parsed directly to the actor.
    * Easy understandable, human readable Machine language
    * Web User Interface to build the command notecards by a click.

The Beta Version will released in May 2012.
Compatible with the Latest llViewer, Singularity, Phoenix and Firestorm